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We Are LEONE Babe of the Week

Introducing: Cat Pierce

Who are you? Cat Pierce
Occupation/What do you do? Singer/Songwriter
Where are you from? Originally from Birmingham, AL. Currently living in LA
How did you discover We Are LEONE? I met Tallulah (one of the designers) at a party and she was wearing one of her amazing pieces. I commented on how beautiful it was and we hit it off.
If you could pack a suitcase with only 5 things to bring on an island holiday, what would you choose? That's tough because I always overpack! But if I had to narrow it down, I'd bring... A great book, a bikini, a We Are LEONE pieces that can go from day to night, lip balm (I'm addicted), and simple brown leather sandals... and waterproof mascara! Sorry... I'm bringing 6 things :)
Whats the most exciting accomplishment or project you've been working on this year? I'm working on my first solo album.  I've been wanting to do this for a very long time and I love the way its turning out. I am so excited for people to hear it!
Where is your go-to place to get your favourite statement pieces? I'm a big fan of thrift stores. I love the hunt, I love finding hidden treasures. I find it super satisfying. 
What is the biggest lesson life has taught you? The biggest lesson for me is that change is inevitable. Sometimes it's difficult and painful because human beings love whats familiar but its necessary for growth.
What doesn't exist but you desperately want or need it? Teleportation! And a permanent sunless tanner that doesn't make you smell funny.
Whats something weird that you recommend everyone try at least once? I'm a big fan of natural, mind expanding psychedelics. I've had some incredible, life changing experiences with them and think that they are more important for the evolution of mankind.
Whats the best pieces of advise someone has given you? Someone taught me a method that has been kind of life changing for me. We store emotions in our cells so when I feel upset, instead of going into my head, I now pause and try to find where I feel the emotional pain lives in my body. Some people store stress or sadness in their chest, some in their gut...sometimes it pops up in all different places. If you just take a moment to find where the feeling is and breathe into that area and become conscious of it, it dissipates. It really works for me.
When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Face swap with my 4 year old niece.
What do you love about We Are LEONE? They are so feminine and elegant without being fussy.  You can throw them on over literally anything and it immediately elevates the look and vibe.
Who's your favourite upcoming artist? I just toured with a band called Swimsuit Issue.  They have great songs and its refreshing to hear a real rock band again.  I also love Jade Bird... her voice is magic.
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Instagram: @iamcatdog
Check out Cat's new single HERE!

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