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Who are you?  Bridgette Duran!
Occupation/What do you do? Painter 
Where are you from? L
How did you discover we are LEONE? Mutual friend ;-)
Who is your style icon and why? Grace Kelly. She is the epitome of elegance, and looked effortless and beautiful in even in her casual attire. The ultimate style goal for me. 
What is your favorite hidden or secret LA spot? The Weisman Foundation in Bel Air. I just discovered it, my friend Barbra who is an art curator and gallery owner does tours there so thats how I heard about it. It's a really fascinating and special place. The Weisman's have a really interesting collection of modern and Contemporary artworks they put on display for the public.  Its their old home, so you walk in and see how they lived with these amazing artworks by modern masters like De Kooning, Kandisky, Picasso,  Harring, Dali. Its a really intimate art viewing experience. 
What’s the closest thing to magic that actually exists?   Meditation. 
What’s your favorite travel souvenir that you have? I have so many! Hand painted ceramic mugs from Istanbul,  A pin up drawing I got from Portobello Road in London, Vintage Earrings from a small shop in Saint Germaine, hand made leather slides from Capri. I love souvenirs that become a part of your life.
When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? A few weeks ago watching old Will Ferrell skits, and then a few weeks before that watching the old Eddie Murphy stand up. 
What would be your perfect date? Cooking dinner for him at my house, or El Carmen for margaritas and tacos. 
What is the most exciting accomplishment or project you’ve been working on this year? I had my first solo exhibition this summer which was really exciting. I also will be showing my work at The Other Art Fair in Santa Monica October 25-28th. The curators are amazing (@thejealouscurator) and they always have the best emerging artists. So I am really excited to be working with them this year. 
Where do you feel the most inspired? At home. I have my studio in my kitchen or backyard and my office is my living room.  Everything is accessible- I can look up anything and be hit with inspiration, so I run to my kitchen and get painting. If I want to draw figures I can look up nude models and draw them. I don't have to go to a class across town, I have everything I need in my apartment and I love it. 
What do you wish you could re-live? I wish I could re-live the moment you realize you love someone, OR experience meeting that person for the first time again. Those are such simple moments but so impactful and can change the course of your life. 
What piece of culture or trend has died but you would like to see it make a comeback? The public wanting Good Craftsmanship. Everything is mass produced, poor quality, and made to be replaced quickly. If people started to purchase items that were really good quality, and sourced better then manufacturers would have to start producing them. Simple supply and demand, but people don't realize how much power they have when consuming. 
What is the biggest lesson life has taught you? To take responsibility for your own happiness and healing.  And that the human experience is just that, an experience, its not the destination.  
What do you love about we are LEONE? I love the fabrics so much!!! You guys have some of the best stuff out there. And of course that is a sister run business. 
If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? A Leone silk robe
If everything in your house had to be one color, what color would you choose? White. I use so much color in my paintings, and they are all over my apartment so my place has to be clean looking. 
What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you? Don't ever feel bad about wanting more out of life.

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