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We Are LEONE Babe of the Week

Introducing: Rachel Skarsten


Who are you? Rachel Skarsten

Occupation/What do you do? Actor

 Where are you from? Toronto, Canada

How did you discover We Are LEONE? One of my best friends is obsessed with you (We Are LEONE) and I'm obsessed with her.

Where do you feel most inspired? In a garden or under the water.

 What are you most passionate about/what inspires you? I’m the most passionate about animals and animal welfare. Whether it’s large scale like working with Sea Legacy to preserve our oceans, or small scale being a vegetarian and adopting senior animals from shelters, it is an enduring passion of mine that permeates every aspect of my life. I just think we all need to be aware we share this planet, it’s not just ours. Whatever we can do in our own way, that makes a difference.

What is the biggest lesson life has taught you? After my Dad died I learned love should never be put off. There is nothing too important or too big to keep you from telling someone you love “I love you”. Pick up the phone, get on a plane, write a letter. Love bold and true and without abandon. There might not be a tomorrow, so tell them now. 

What doesn't exist but you desperately want or need it? Teleportation. Sometimes I just wish I could have dinner with my brother in Toronto, then teleport back to LA.

What do you wish you could re-live? Any moment with my Father.

What is something weird that you recommend everyone try at least once? Being a weirdo. I make a habit of it, and it’s good fun. 
What’s your favorite way to meet new people? When I was a little girl my Dad used to say “every time I walk in a room I just assume everyone there wants to meet me”.  He didn’t mean it in a conceited way. He just believed when you walk in rooms knowing your worth and believing you have something to offer, it attracts people. That and a healthy dose of kindness. 
What’s your favorite travel destination? Bergen, Norway to see my family. But otherwise France with my Frenchie boyfriend. He knows all the best places for croissants...my favorite. 
Who is your biggest inspiration? My grandmother. She grew up in the depression and still managed to get herself through university (during a time when women didn’t really do that) and then she moved at 30 (which was ancient then) on her own (as gasp...a spinster) to southern India, learned Hindi and worked as a missionary. She was so brave. And her physical age never defined her spirit age. She was truly forever young. 
What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you? When I first came back to acting after University I’d moved to LA with 800 dollars in my pocket and zero job prospects. I would worry all the time about money and if I was crazy to be following my dream. I would think about forgoing auditions I thought I had no chance of booking to babysit for 60 bucks. I remember my brother told me “Rach, you’re already in Vegas, you might as well go bet all your money at the big table”. I think it was the best piece of advice for all of life. Stop wasting time at the slots. Go bet big on yourself. You’re already in Vegas. 
What’s one thing people don’t know about you that you would like them to know? I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m a total goof. But if you don’t know, now you know. 
What’s your favorite piece from the We Are Leone FW18 collection? Would have to be the sequins, total show stopper.

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