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We Are LEONE Babe of the Month

Introducing: Anouk Morgan
What do you do/occupation? I'm a fashion and advertising photographer
Where are you from? The Netherlands, Europe

How did you discover We Are LEONE? I started shooting their look-books 2 years ago
Where do you feel the most inspired? In an empty studio or at a breathtaking location
What are you most passionate about/what inspires you? (creating) beautiful imagery

Where is your go-to place to get your favourite statement pieces? I love Wasteland on Melrose
What doesn't exist but you desperately want or need it? I wish I could teleport myself anywhere in the matter of seconds
What do you wish you had more time for? I wish I had more time to spend with my friends & more time to visit Holland
What have you recently become obsessed with? I used to always have a little film camera with me while I was in college and I just started doing that again, I take it with me everywhere

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? An all red or all white power suit for work, or a flow 70's dress on my days off
What's your favourite travel souvenir that you have? Old polaroids from my days in Paris in my 20's that I still have hanging on the fridge

What would be your perfect 24 hours in LA? Spending a full day with all my friends and family at a beach house in Malibu overlooking the beach where we take turns cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner while drinking wine all day. Barefoot, sun kissed and not a care in the world.
What's your favourite piece from the We Are LEONE SS18 collection? I love the Amalfi with the big lemons. I could I've in that all summer.
Whats the best piece of advise someone has given you? Treat every job like it's your last
What's the closest thing to magic that actually exists?  Falling in love
Whats your favourite travel destination? Tuscany
Instagram: @anoukmorgan

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