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Inspired by the art of living, travel, culture and style, the sister duo Tallulah and Ruby Rufus Isaacs created We Are Leone for women all over the world. The two girls  grew up between Los Angeles, Rome, Paris and Africa and have travelled extensively to all corners of the earth;  always being acutly aware of all things beautiful surrounding them whether it be a pattern in a tile or the color of a birds wings...

Combining their love and experience in fashion with ten years in the industry under both of their belts, their brand blossomed from a love of simple pieces that can take you from beach to city and daytime to evening all into one effortless piece. Whether in New York city hailing a cab or having lunch at Club 55 in St Tropez - Over jeans and a Tee or a little black dress, the We Are Leone cover ups can come with you. Timeless, simple and a ‘no fuss brand’ - it is quickly becoming a staple piece for any woman to add into their wardrobe.

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